Website Builders For Photographers

# Score Plans Main Advantage Get Started


  • Highly intuitive and easy-to-use editor
  • Great value for money and help features
  • Highest public recommendation of any website builder


  • Best quality templates in terms of design and flexibility
  • Best quality features of any builder on the market
  • Full customization control without need for coding


  • Beautifully-designed, mobile-responsive portfolio templates
  • Quick and easy to get started – get your site live in under an hour
  • Wide range of ecommerce options for selling your photos


  • Best website builder for small businesses, with all the basic tools you need to build a great business site.
  • Cool customizable templates.
  • Really helpful SEO guides in Weebly’s help and support center.


  • Pleasing templates and design elements
  • Keeps your branding consistent, with all design elements aligning to one particular theme.
  • Ability to change how your website looks on mobile within the desktop editor.


If you are thinking about how to make a website, but do not quite clearly imagine what benefit it will bring you, then in this article we will try to answer this question. So, what gives us the creation of a site? First of all, it is a step towards meeting oneself. It does not matter whether it is a corporate website, an online store or your online blog - it will "tell" the public about your activities and make it more recognizable. Why does a photographer need a website if you can just create a page on Instagram and FB? Let's see why the site is better than social networks and how it can help in promoting the services of a photographer.

Create an impressive portfolio

Imagine you enter the Instagram account of the photographer and see the children, the dog, selfies from the fitting room in the store, and among these photos you need to find professional ones and see in which areas the photographer works. The task is not simple, right? Even a separate catalog page on Instagram does not always solve this problem: the photos go down in the tape and the holistic impression is lost.

In the case of the site, it is easy to arrange your portfolio so that it impresses customers and show you as a professional. On the main page and in the “Portfolio” section you can show in which areas you are working, for example, wedding, family and portrait photography. And your client will be able to see in a few clicks what he needs right now. Select your best shots for each section of the portfolio and show the story with photos. 

Instagram and other social networks don't look professional 

Maybe to see some photos Instagram and Facebook are enough but is it professional? I think the site is one of the ways you can show your respect to the client. It is on the site that the client can look at your photography comfortably, see the price, and read about you, finally! Most of Instagram clients would go to the site to get the price and the complete photography series. In my opinion, the advantages of using the site are obvious: all portfolios are in one place, clients do not need puzzle over how to contact you because for this purpose they will find a contact section. It is also easier for your colleagues to recommend you and you will look more professional in the eyes of the client.

Make Google work for you

When we are looking for something, we immediately go with a question to Google. And this means that your clients often search for photographers using search engines. Look in the Google statistics how often a photographer is sought in your city. These clients could see your site in the search results and come to you.

Building trust

On the site, you can use various tools to build trust, for example, you can create a page with reviews and add a form so that other customers can share their impressions of working with you. You can also blog and post. All this allows you to more professionally develop your business.

Best website builder for photographers

The presence of a photography page in the network significantly increases the trust of customers, allow you to see examples of work, as well as get acquainted with the price list for services. Every photographer sooner or later wonders: how much does a site cost and how to make a photography website? Stand by for the best websites for photographers.


Make a professionally-looking photography website with WIX.COM is an Israeli cloud-based site builder platform where you can make a photography website through the use of intuitive drag and drop tools. Wix was launched in 2006 and after 13 years became one of the most influential website building platforms. It can offer a lot for creating complex and well-functioning photography sites such as a portfolio, a business card, a promotional page or a landing page. 


As all site builders Wix is easy to use, not expensive and fast in creating websites so let’s see what this resource can offer for photographers and the photography 

  • Ample opportunity to customize the design. This is quite important for creative people. If you have some ideas on your mind how your site will look like choosing a website builder platform make sure that all your ideas can be realized with the functionality of the chosen platform and its set of tools.

  • We can guarantee you will find out how to create a website easily. Widgets, applications, footer, hover – all these words you may hear the first time in your life. And Wix creators care their customers - all options and widgets are explained so you will not feel yourself lost and frustrated once entered the Wix editor. Wix knowledge base includes answers on all the questions you may have working with the site builder.

  • Wix Blog to connect your blog to the site. Some photographers share their stories on blogs or Instagram posts. Wix makes it easier – just add a blog to your website and have all your stories in one place.

  • For customers to find your website in search engines, you need to perform SEO optimization - pick keywords and make settings on the website. This can be done independently according to our guidelines. And if you do not know how to make it – Wix knows – use the SEO-master for website promotion;

  • And the last but not the least important - SSL certificate keeps all your data safe and secured.


  • If you don't plan to invest a lot of money on your website some premium plans will be quite expensive;

  • The overloaded interface may be the problem for beginners - you can spoil the template because the user has a lot of possibilities for editing;

  • Support is only provided in English, which can be a disadvantage for non-English speakers.

Create a photography portfolio on SQUARESPACE.COM

Squarespace is a good platform to build a photography website from a small blog, portfolio to a full-fledged commercial platform. The service provides a domain name registration, hosting, e-commerce and much more. SquareSpace is a website builder focused on creating blogs and portfolios. Overall, this is the best option in terms of templates, and it's hard to find a feature that Squarespace lacks.  


  • If you seriously decide to promote yourself as a photographer and create your website, look at ready-made Squarespace designs and templates. Create the portfolio of your dream using Free Google and Typekit fonts. 

  • If you want to sell some services such as photography master classes, Gift cards or certificates – Squarespace site builder can offer a well-developed e-commerce component which includes good advanced features such as Sale of digital goods. Use the Stripe Payment System to get the payments.

  • To accept applications from a potential customer, use the Form widget. Create fields, for example, Name, Phone, Email, Question, and in the form settings, specify your email, which will receive requests from the site.

  • Free hosting and free domain in the zone. Com; now you may not realize but trust us – it’s very important for both promoting our photography and saving money.

  • No technical knowledge needed to work with this photography site builder but if you have any questions round-the-clock technical support will get you the answer.


  • Good news: Squarespace site builder has a free trial. Bad news: you can’t try all functions during the trial period just some basic functions;

  • Settings may be difficult for beginners;

  • Slow performance of the visual editor and previews of galleries, which may be the main disadvantage for photographers.


 Open your online gallery on SmugMug 

SmugMug is the best website builder for photographers who want to create just a nice photo gallery. SmugMug is not a site builder but a kind of online photo storage, something like Tumblr, but for authoring photos. The main difference from its predecessors is the ability to sell photos right through the site. You need to select the option For Professionals, and then put up the price of the photo. The service promises to take on all legal aspects, take care of protecting your copyright and provide around the clock support, if, selling photos for you is a new thing.


  • The main advantage of this site builder for the photographer is unlimited photo and video uploads. Upload as much photography as you want. No need to optimize photos. You will not lose the quality of the picture. Your customers will see your photography the way it is.

  • SmugMug offers a free mobile application. Isn't it something we have already got used to get in the digital era?

  • SmugMug is fully hosted with no limits for traffic. Work fast with your online gallery.

  • Sell your photos directly through the site. You don’t need to register in any additional resources to sell your photography. Add photos – set the price – get the customers – sell it – get your money. Easy, right?

  • If the part “get the customers” sounds hard for you now – don’t worry there will be no problem with promoting your photography on SmugMug – this photography site builder platform offers great SEO tools to help you with that.


  • SmugMug is not a place to create a website as is it. It is good for creating a gallery only. So if you are looking for any more features and functionality select any other photography site builder from this review.

Make the most of your photography website with WEEBLY.COM

Weebly is an American website builder, launched in 2007. Using different widgets a person with zero site building experience can create a website with a few clicks only.


  • There is a free plan to create a free website with Weebly site builder.

  • A great number of beautiful quality templates. The whole screen images, carefully selected fonts, nice colors are the key features of templates kindly offered by the Weebly team. It's easy to edit them in the visual editor if you need an individual design. It is a convenient and simple tool for creating beautiful business cards and shops. Template preview; Template can be changed at any time;

  • Good online store functionality, tools to export and import goods. If you are conducting master classes, etc then on the website you can organize the reception of applications or the sale of lessons. On Weebly site builder you can sell digital goods selling digital goods - pictures, videos, files or anything your customers can download. Immediately after payment, the buyer receives a link to the file and downloads it to your computer or browses it. This is useful if you plan to sell courses or training materials.

  • Weebly website builder offers advanced customization settings; but if you are good not only in photography but have some coding background, for you Weebly offers HTML/CSS editor. Change the original code or embed your own to make the most of your Weebly website


  • A limited selection of themes;

  • Full online store functionality available for the Business plan only;

  • Starter and Pro Weebly charge a commission of 3% from each transaction;


The photography website is also a commercial resource that will generate income. To make this happen as soon as possible, look through the websites for photography, select a website builder for your needs and get to work on your photography website soon.



Why a photography website builder is better than all-around website builders?

You can use any website builder to create a site for your photography. Make sure the site builder you’ve chosen was everything to create a photography website - templates, dozens of beautiful galleries, simple SEO-settings and a huge amount of data storage. It may take some time to select. Save your time and trust the professional who have already done it for you – we have checked each and every feature which may be attractive for photography websites for photographers.

How to start a photography website for free?

The simplest and fastest way to create a website is to contact website development specialists, but this service is usually expensive. If you have a minimum budget, you can make a web resource for the photographer yourself, especially since modern templates and tools greatly simplify this process. Use a free site builder to create a free photography website. Many website builders have cheap prices or a free plan. For example the pricing of above mention websites for photographers:

  • Weebly free - $0;

  • SmugMug Basic - $5.99 monthly or $48 / year;

  • Wix Combo - $7.58-10.95 / month;

  • Squarespace Personal - $12/ month.